Junior Cycle French

Monday 13th November, 10:30 am

Fanny’s Journey (Le voyage de Fanny)  |  Recommended age 12+

Lola Doillon /France/Belgium / 2016 / English subtitles / 94mins

An award-winning tale of courage, determination and survival set in occupied France. Jewish thirteen-year-old Fanny finds herself in charge of a band of children forced to flee the children’s home where they live. Filled with heart-stopping moments, we watch as the children dodge authorities and real terrors as they make for the Swiss border, under the leadership of the fearless, determined girl.


TY/Senior Cycle German

Monday 13th November, 11:00 am

Goodbye Berlin (Tschick)  |  Recommended age 15+

Fatih Akin / Germany / 2016 / English subtitles / 93 mins

Maik is a daydreamer who goes unnoticed by his classroom crush; Andrej is an oddball kid from Russia with an eccentric taste for Hawaiian shirts. The two form an unlikely bond when Andrej shows up at Maik’s door with a “borrowed” blue Lada, and the prospect of an impromptu road trip beckons. Based on the bestselling German novel Why We Took the Car by Wolfgang Herrndorf, Tschick is a funny, endearing, coming-of-age film with fresh verve of its own.

Comedy/ Drama/ Family

TY/Senior Cycle English

Tuesday 14th November, 10:30 am

Brooklyn  |  12A

John Crowley / Ireland / 2015 / 111mins

The profoundly moving story of Eilis Lacey (Saoirse Ronan), a young Irish emigrant in New York City who was lured by promise and the chance of a job. The initial homesickness quickly diminishes as a fresh romance sweeps her off her feet. But soon, this new vivacity is disrupted by the past, and Eilis must choose between two countries and the lives that exist within.

Drama / Romance

TY/Senior Cycle French

Tuesday 14th November, 11:00 am

My Life as a Courgette (Ma vie de Courgette)  |  Recommended age 12+        

Claude Barras / Switzerland/France  2016 / 70 mins / English subtitles

For TY and Senior Cycle French we are presenting this Oscar-nominated animation, adapted from a YA novel by Girlhood director, Celine Sciamma. Nine-year-old Icare, nicknamed Courgette, moves to a foster home, a place full of rejected kids fighting for survival among the rest of the bullies, loners and misfits. Using a Tim Burton stop-motion style to create big-eyed, fragile beings, the director achieves a very different but hugely affecting film of teen life.


Suitable for TY, 5th & 6th year students.

TY/Senior Cycle Spanish

Wednesday 15th November, 10:30 am

The Golden Dream (La jaula de oro)  |  Recommended age 15+

Diego Quemada-Díez /Guatemala/Spain/ Mexico / 2013 / 108 min / English subtitles

A group of Guatemalan teenagers attempt to make their way to the U.S.A., dreaming of the better life that the country promises, but they are ill equipped, both physically and emotionally, for the challenges they face getting there. This is an absorbing and suspenseful drama, excellently acted by its three non-professional leads.


Transition Year

Wednesday 15th November, 11:00 am

Revolutions  |  15A

Laura McGann / Ireland / 2016 /92 mins

The non-mainstream, gruelling sport of Roller Derby, where women rush, push and shove their way around a roller skate track is the focus of this exciting Irish documentary. With a punk rock style and a determination to prove themselves on an international stage, these amazing young women from Dublin and Cork excel as they form a national team against the backdrop of economic recession.

Documentary/ Action/ Sport

Transition Year

Thursday 16th November, 10:30 am

EMO the Musical  |  Recommended age 15+

Neil Triffett / Australia / 2016 / 94mins

Stuck for an idea for your school musical?

This humorous film offers a refreshingly satirical take on your average high school musical, while reflecting on themes of individuality and wellbeing through twenty original songs.

Emo Ethan has a passion for doom and gloom rock. After his attempted suicide, he transfers to the dilapidated Seymour High where he meets Trinity, a Christian girl, and Bradley, lead singer of the school alt rock group. Ethan tries out for their band who’re hoping to compete in the annual state rock competition….


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