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Date(s) - 14/11/2017

The Gate Cinema

Free but Ticketed


Travelling Country
V. Dantcheva, I. Bogdanov | Bulgaria | 2016 | 13mins
There was a country on the back of a giant horse, but it was
ruined by stupidity and greed.

Fare Thee Well
Mattia Venturi | Italy | 2015 | 9mins
Filippo is a spoilt boy scout who encounters Rodolfo,
a desperate fisherman in need of water for his car.

Le Constructeur de Malheur
Team Malheur | Austria | 2015 | 9mins
A French inventor would like to fulfill his personal dream of
flying but he fails again and again.

Gabriel Achim | UK | 2016 | 5mins
Cultural misunderstandings are revealed when a Chinese
mother and her British born daughter speak as adults for
the first time.

Plan B
Simona Sava | Romania | 2015 | 10mins
Miruna tries to fix things between her quarrelling parents
but the rules of her game don’t work in real life.

Portrait of a Wind-Up Maker
Darío Pérez | Spain | 2015 | 4mins
Chema is an expat architect from Spain who lives in
Amsterdam. He has built up a new life there as a wind-up
toy maker.

Sweeper’s Pride
Matthias Koßmehl | Germany | 2015 | 8mins
Every Night, Bodo sweeps the empty city streets. One night
he comes across the opening of an art exhibition.

Tea Time
Bourret, Delmon, Gris, Mifsud, Vincent | France | 2015 | 7min
A grandmother replaces her old companion robot by a more
recent one. But things won’t go as expected…

My life for Ireland
Kieron J. Walsh | Ireland | 2016 | 14mins
Easter, 1916. Patrick Pearse leads a revolt. In a small village
a young Irish patriot joins him in his fight for freedom.

The Blow-In
Treasa O’Brien | Ireland, Germany | 2016 | 8mins
What is it to feel at home?