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Date(s) - 15/11/2016

The Gate Cinema



City of Roses

One Halloween night in the early 1980’s a smoldering suitcase was pulled off a bonfire in west Dublin. Inside were dozens of letters that detailed the story of a young Irish emigrant. Now thirty years after that Halloween and more than 60 years after the events of the letters took place, this film tells the story of Paddy and Rose.

Paddy Fitzpatrick emigrated from Dublin to Portland, Oregon in early 1950 to find his fortune, and he often wrote home to his mother telling her all about his new life in America. And life appears to be grand – Paddy has a job he enjoys and has fallen for a lovely young girl. He even escapes the clutches of the United States Army and the Korean War, after falling ill and getting a medical discharge. But just as Paddy and his new bride, Rose, begin their life together, things take a tragic turn.

Told through the actual letters written by Paddy and later, Rose, “City of Roses” is a story of love, loss, family and renewed hope.

Dir: Andrew Kavanagh | Prod: Jackie Leonard | Ireland | 2015 | 9 mins


A Beautiful Death

This 8 minute short took 2 years to complete as 2 subjects passed away during filming. It was not my intention to use death as the main theme, the documentary just went in a new direction when introduced to real life scenarios.

James felt the documentary was a purging process that transcends psychotherapy and anti-depressants. Death started new beginnings for James and perhaps everyone else in the world. Perhaps we should view death as a flower dropping seeds for the future.

Dir: Patrick McDermott | Prod: Liam Lawlor and Danielle Taylor | Ireland | 2015 | 8 mins


Neolithic Patchwork Quilt

Herman, a husband and father of two, is coming to the end of chemotherapy. As a result of his illness he undergoes an existential crisis. His wife Felicia endeavours to help him cope through practicing mindfulness. However, a tragedy involving his wife realigns Herman’s focus on what matters most.

Dir: Paul Heary | Prod: Victor McGowan | Ireland | 2016 | 15 mins



On her 50th wedding anniversary a woman called Ruby returns to the hotel where she spent her honeymoon. Will her estranged husband return to honour a promise they made?

Dir: Jonathan Shaw | Prod: Jonathan Shaw | Ireland | 2016 | 15 mins


Wifey Redux

A man becomes maniacally obsessed with chasing off his teenage daughter’s new boyfriend, in this dark comedy based on the story by acclaimed Irish author Kevin Barry.

Dir: Robert McKeon | Prod: Michael Donnelly V and Robert McKeon | Ireland | 2016 | 23 mins


Crash Bang Wallop

A rural dancehall in 1960s Ireland, a titanic collision at a fancy dress party, a little Andy Warhol in a pink elevator. What have these scenarios got to do with the birth of ideas?

Dir: Brian Crotty | Prod: Brian Crotty | Ireland | 2016 | 12 mins


Proceeds of Crime

The ABC of crime in Ireland.

Dir: David Quin | Prod: Jennie Kelly | Ireland | 2016 | 3 mins



Total: 85 Minutes


Tickets: €10.00 / €8.00 Concession