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Date(s) - 16/11/2017

The Gate Cinema


Isabelle Blanche / Ireland / 2017 / 16 mins
Languishing in rural Ireland, Clare receives an opportunity to leave and kick-start her life. Will she take it?
Producer Isabelle Blanche, Naomi Fagan

Jelly Baby
Naomi Fagan / Ireland / 2017 / 16 mins
A young mother is forced to find the balance between her maternal duties and her own desires.
Producers Isabelle Blanche, Naomi Fagan

For You C
Brendan Canty / Ireland / 2017 / 13 mins
An act of devotion gives a struggling young woman the strength to love.
Producers David Lester-Mooney, Claire Corbett, Lorraine Geoghegan

Lost Memories
Eamonn Murphy / Ireland / 2017 / 15 mins
Sean races against the clock to his mother’s deathbed while dealing with inter-family politics over the phone.
Producer Quintin Ahern

The Climb
Lynne Davison / Ireland / 2016 / 9mins
After the sudden death of her adventure-loving spouse, Julia decides it’s time for a fresh start.
Producer Julie Gardner

Breathe Out C
Sean Breathnach / Ireland / 2017 / 12 mins
A woman’s attempts to control her new life are being challenged by a person from her past.
Irish Premiere
Producer Sean Breathnach

Gustav C
Ken Williams, Denis Fitzpatrick / Ireland / 2017 / 11 mins
A man wakes up with a strange tune in his head. But what is it? And how did it get there?
Producer Steven Daly