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Date(s) - 19/11/2017

The Gate Cinema


Restoration | Action

From one of the most influential directors of martial arts cinema, King Hu (Dragon Inn, A Touch of Zen), comes a beautifully restored directors’ cut of one of his rare non-wushu outings, 1979s Legend of the Mountain. Switching martial arts for the supernatural, this tale of a scholar retreating to a remote temple to copy an ancient sutra, and encountering mystical monks, magical drums, and demons who turn into smoke, is a visual delight, whilst still retaining all the energy of a martial arts epic. Rarely ever seen in its original three-hour version, this 4K restoration of one of Hu’s later masterpieces is receiving its Irish cinema debut here in Cork.


Director:  King Hu
Producer:  King Hu
Screenwriter:  King Hu
Main Cast: Chun Shih, Feng Hsu, Sylvia Chang

Country: Taiwan
Languages:  Mandarin
Colour:  Colour
Duration: 191 minutes

Tickets: €10.00 / €8.50 Concession