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Date(s) - 19/11/2017

The Gate Cinema


Documentary | Political | Science | Health | Biographical | Female Director

Jennifer Brea was 28-years-old and about to be married when she was struck by a mysterious illness that left her bedridden. Dismissed by unsympathetic doctors, she started investigating her symptoms herself, leading her to discover a community of people confined to their homes and bedrooms, cut down by chronic fatigue syndrome or ME. The video diaries and online conversations she had developed into Unrest, a deeply personal lm that serves to highlight a condition too many endure. It is also a document of how Brea, with the help of her devoted partner Omar, she looks to build a new life and fight for a cure.

Unrest VR

Director: Jennifer Brea
Producers: Jennifer Brea, Lindsey Dryden, Patricia E. Gillespie, Deborah Hoffmann, Alysa Nahmias
Screenwriters: Jennifer Brea, Kim Roberts
Main Cast: Jennifer Brea, Omar Wasow, Jessica l e Taylor, Stig Gerdes, Samuel Bearman, Per Fink, Linda Tannenbaum

Country: USA
Languages: English
Colour: Colour
Duration: 97 minutes

Tickets: €10.00 / €8.50 Concession

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