Illuminate is a series of carefully curated film and discussion events which each focus on a differing aspect of mental health.

Mental Health is a universal issue and 1 in 3 of us will be touched by it at some point in our lives. Film has a unique position as a vehicle for discussion and Illuminate aims to create an open forum where experts and audience members can come together and share their knowledge and experiences.

In an age where mental health issues and disabilities are increasingly destigmatised, discussed and understood in our society and our media, Illuminate uses the platform of film to tackle themes anxiety, balancing rights and needs, capacity, autism and many more.

This film and discussion series each time starts with a feature length film, and then breaks out into extended audience interactive discussion sessions, with clinicians, commentators, policy-makers, ethicists and philosophers interviewing and rejoining with the filmmakers.

Illuminate Films in 2016:


God Knows Where I Am 

Life, Animated 

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Speakers at Illuminate 2016 include:

Aideen Barry – Visual Artist
Dr. Shari McDaid – Director of  Mental Health Reform

Liz Brosnan – Centre for Disability Law and Policy, NUI Galway
Prof. Mary Donnelly – Faculty of Law, University College Cork 
John Saunders – Chair, Mental Health Commission Ireland and Director, Shine Ireland
Richard Warden – Scottish Mental Health Art and Film Festival
Stuart Neilson – Advocate, academic and blogger
Adam Harris –

Vickie Kirkpatrick – Senior Speech and Languate Therapist, COPE Foundation

And more TBA….