Cruinniú na nÓg: Free Films for Children & Teens

Cruinniú na nÓg is a national day of creativity for our children and young people. It is about giving them the opportunity to express themselves through a specially curated programme of cultural and creative activities where they can share their ideas, learn new skills and have fun! Cork International Film Festival has teamed up with Cork City Libraries to offer children and young people a chance to experience Festival films for free on the AVA EU streaming platform, including shorts from the Cork International Film Festival programmes from 2017 – 2019 and La Guarimba Film Festival in Italy.

Simply get in touch with Cork City Library to request your special viewing token: and then you can view our recommended selection for children and teenagers on the AVA EU Streaming Platform.


Films for Children

Title Age Recommendation

Jessie Ayles / 2017 / 2 Min / Documentary, Short Film

Mr. Ripple chronicles the man behind Ireland’s oldest-serving ice cream van, and looks at this dying tradition.

The Juggler

Iuri Moreno / 2018 / 11 Min / Animation, Short Film

An animated documentary on street acrobats who bring colour to the monotonous days of the big cities.

Shy & Ketchup

Teresa Romo / 2019 / 4 Min /Animation, Short Film 

A shy girl obsessed with ketchup finds herself having to overcome her limits when her favorite sauce ends.


Tommaso Santi / 2018 / 15 Min / Live Action, Short Film

A new student comes to the school from a far away country. Who is it? Where does he come from? It’s Krenk, so extraordinary to be scary.


María Victoria Sánchez Lara / 2019 / 9 Min / Animation, Short Film

GIRASOL is the story of Carandai, the first sunflower in the world.


Filippo Letizi / 2019 / 2 Min / Animation, Short Film

A boy finds a dead pigeon on the road and tries to give him the chance to fly one last time.


Valeria Weerasinghe / 2019 / 3 Min / Animation, Short Film

In the confusion of a second-hand shop, Moka sits alone and abandoned on top of a dusty shelf.



Films for Teenagers


Title Age Recommendation
Ramón: Notes from a Beekeeper

Hilary Kennedy / 2019 / 4 Min / Documentary, Short Film

The film follows the life of Colombian beekeeper Ramón Galvis Rodríguez in the remote town of San Mateo near the El Cocuy mountains in Colombia. The film focuses on Ramón as he reflects on the future of our planet as a direct result of the gradual extinction of bees.

Postcard from a Crisis

Kathleen Harris / Samuel Meyler / 2018 / 15 Min / Documentary, Short Film

Four Irish clowns travel to Greece to perform for children living in makeshift camps as the refugee crisis quietly continues.

A Film About Sandhoppers

Nicholas Keogh / 2017 / 1 Min / Live Action, Short Film

A romantic tale of two sand hoppers meeting in a crowded drum and bass party in a blue plastic bag on a Belfast beach.

Outside the box

Janet Grainger / 2019 / 5 Min /Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Short Film

Who do we see when we look at people, do we put people in boxes to make it easier for ourselves to comprehend.

By doing that do we also feel the need to place ourselves in a box restricting our own true potential. Outside the box is an explorative animated documentary which looks at how we perceive people in the LGBTQI community and in turn how they look at themselves.


Sara Mengual / 2018 / 4 Min / Animation, Short Film

Based on the true story of Luís, a boy from Múcura Island, Colombia, who learned to read and write thanks to the betrayal and the pains of love.