CFF2019: Friday 15th November Highlights!

DAY 9: As we enter our closing weekend there is still plenty more of the latest and best of Irish and International film to see, with three Galas, forty features, five shorts programmes, two Industry Days and an Awards Ceremony! Friday is all about documentaries: our Documentary Gala ‘The Cave’ confirms Feras Fayyad as one of the most vital voices working in documentary today as he looks at the incredible story of Dr Amani, the manager of an underground hospital in Ghouta, Syria.

Meet the makers of the absorbing documentary ‘Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project’ and ‘Fourteen’, an emotive feature focusing on female friendships. We are also delighted to present Alexandre Chartrand’s topical ‘And With A Smile, The Revolution’, which documents the Catalan independence movement, alongside Eric Mahoney’s exploration of Brainiac:Transmissions After Zero’, a band that through tragedy were denied the spotlight they so truly deserved.

Doc Day, presented in partnership with Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland and supported by Screen Skills Ireland, continues our Industry Day line-up, and we celebrate two iconic films screening as part of the county programme in The Gate Cinemas Midleton and Mallow. If you’re worried that you might miss out, fear not, there are eight Second Chance Screenings to enjoy this Friday!

Documentary Gala: ‘The Cave’

Feras Fayyad (‘Last Men in Aleppo’, CFF2017) once again celebrates the nobility and resilience of his country-folk in ‘The Cave’

In war-ravaged Syria, Dr Amani is a young woman working in a subterranean emergency medical centre in the city of Ghouta, near Damascus. As bombs drop and lethal chemicals fill in the air, she has to treat injured patients (many young children) in tense, horrifying circumstances, while also enduring the casual chauvinism of those who think no woman should be running a hospital.

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18:30 | Friday 15th November | The Everyman Theatre

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Documentary Highlights to Kick Start Your Weekend!

As protests and arrests continue, Alexandre Chartrand’s poignant documentary ‘And With A Smile, The Revolution’ is essential viewing. 

The idea of Catalan self-determination has been building for the past decade, culminating in the independence referendum of 2017. Capturing the weeks leading up to the referendum date of October 1, beginning with its approval by the Catalan parliament on September 6, Alexandre Chartrand’s documentary makes no claim for dispassionate objectivity. It does, however, capture the resolute focus, energy and, above all, joy of the campaign, maintained in the face of arrests and imposed pay freezes.

15:45 | Friday 15th November | The Gate Cinema

Exploding from Dayton, Ohio in the mid-90s, Brainiac quicky gained a formidable reputation in the US indie rock scene, yet sounded years ahead of their contemporaries.

In ‘Brainiac: Transmissions after Zero’, director Eric Mahoney interviews band members, plus Steve albini, members of Mogwai, At The Drive-In, The Jesus Lizard and more. Mahoney explores the band who were touring with the likes of Beck, and being courted by several major labels, their ascent was suddenly halted when their supremely talented, charismatic frontman Tim Taylor was tragically killed in a car accident.

18:00 | Friday 15th November | Triskel Arts Centre

Meet the Makers at #CFF2019

‘Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project’ is a beautiful bounty of archival wonder. 

It is a portrait of Marion Stokes, an African American intellectual and activist who spent 30 years secretly recording every US television channel, collating over 70,000 VHS tapes and capturing every news event of the late-twentieth century. An advocate for the importance of discourse, debate and open dialogue, Marion believed strongly in the potential of media to shape public opinion and the power of propaganda. Intertwining Marion’s own life with the current affairs she obsessively recorded for so many years, the film is an incredible time capsule and a unique ode to Marion’s unconventional life.

There will be a post-screening Q&A with producer Kyle Martin.
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20:15 | Friday 15th November | Triskel

Respected critic and cinephile Dan Sallitt has crafted a rare, affecting portrait of a spiky female friendship in ‘Fourteen’

Mara (Tallie Medel) is an aspiring writer, has found a job she likes working with pre-school kids, and is actively looking for a relationship. Her best friend Jo (Norma Kuhling) is flaky and wayward, always ready to exploit the safety net Mara’s friendship provides for her. Their long-standing relationship is tested as their lives seem set on differing courses. It is evocatively filmed in its Brooklyn locales, peppered with punchy dialogue, beautifully acted and emotionally honest.

There will be a post-screening Q&A with the director.
‘Meet the Makers’ Deal: Get 2 tickets to this screening for only €12.

21:15 | Friday 15th November | The Gate Cinema 

#CFF2019 Industry Days

Our Industry Day, Doc Day, seeks to inform, inspire and connect established and emerging directors, producers and writers with international producers, directors, programmers, sales agents, distributors and film sector leaders, to further understand and develop opportunities in the documentary landscape. 

Sessions at Doc Day will include: Distributing Docs: Managing Festival, Theatrical & VOD; The Art of the Short Doc; Working With The Archives; and a Documentary Keynote by Alan Gilsenan. 

Doc Day is presented in partnership with Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland and supported by Screen Skills Ireland and concludes with a drinks reception for delegates at the Festival Club. Visit our website for full details on the schedule and speakers.

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10:00 | Friday 15th November | Republic of Work

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County Programme Highlights

We are delighted to bring a taste of this year’s Festival direct to audiences across the county, during the week and we still have more to come in The Gate Cinema Midleton and The Gate Cinema Mallow, with thanks to our Principal Venue Partner, The Gate Cinemas. 

On Friday 15th don’t miss one of cinema’s greatest spectacles ‘Singin’ in the Rain. Gene Kelly’s 1952 classic features immaculately choreographed set pieces; wonderful music that forms its soundtrack and a memorable cast including Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds. 

18:30 | Friday 15th November | The Gate Midleton and Mallow

On Saturday 16th, revisit Irish family classic Into the West, the captivating tale of two boys who escape the harsh reality of their life in a Dublin high-rise, with the aid of a magical white horse.  Whether you are revisiting this captivating adventure as a parent or experiencing it for the first time as a young viewers, you’re in for a cinematic treat!

18:30 | Saturday 16th November | The Gate Midleton and Mallow

There’s still time to catch Festival features you may have missed, with our ‘Second Chance to See’ screenings this Friday:

12:00: ‘The Painted Bird’
13:00: ‘The Whistlers’
13:30: ‘The Street’
15:30: ‘A Mother’