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Irish Shorts 2: Daughters

  • This event has passed.
  • Tickets: €10.50/9
  • Date: Sun, 10th Nov 2019
  • Time: 13:00 - 14:38
  • Duration: 98 mins
  • Venue: The Gate Cinema Cork City
  • Director: Various
  • Producer(s): Various
  • Screenwriter(s): Various
  • Main Cast: Various
  • Country: Ireland
  • Language(s): English, Irish
  • Year: 2019

At the heart of these dramas are daughters, daughters who are resourceful,
tenacious, loyal, independent, absent, departed, misunderstood…


Allyn Quigley / Ireland / 2019 / 14 mins

Set over the course of the night, a taxi driver returns to work after the death of his daughter, only to encounter the young boy who might be responsible.
Producer: Simon James Doyle

Young Mother

John Robert Brown / Ireland, UK / 2019 / 13 mins
A lone teenage girl roams the streets of Dublin urgently trying to buy alcohol in this intense family drama.
Producers: Danielle Harvey, Tibo Travers, John Robert Brown


Tom Lenihan / Ireland / 2019 / 12 mins
It’s not easy being a teenager. Especially when you have a chestnut for a head.
Producers: Ciaran Byrne, Justin Wade, Fabien Oman


Christy Scoltock / Northern Ireland / 2019 / 13 mins
Sarah is a nine-year-old girl whose faith is tested after many failed attempts to evoke a sign from the Virgin Mary.
Producer: Marie-Thérèse Mackle

Coming to Terms [C]

Patrick Ketch / Ireland / 2019 / 9 mins
After caring for her elderly father for years, Lisa is unable to deal with his passing and begins to see him everywhere.
Producer: Patrick Ketch


Sarah-Jane Drummey / Ireland / 2019 / 12 mins
On the day of a regional Irish dancing competition, an Irish couple struggle to cope with their child’s gender identity.
Producers: Eliam Kraiem, Sarah-Jane Drummey

A White Horse [C]

Shaun O Connor / Ireland / 2019 / 11 mins
1970s Ireland. A young female patient has escaped a psychiatric hospital and rings home from a telephone box… but her parents are waiting for the call.
Producer: Sinead Barry

Ciúnas (Silence)

Tristan Heanue / Ireland / 2019 / 13 mins / Subtitled
A couple embark on a journey in the midst of a family crisis.
Producer: Tristan Heanue

[C] means eligible for Best Cork Short Award.


The Gate Cinema Cork City
The Gate Cinema, North Main Street
Cork City, Cork T12 KN88 Ireland
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