Date(s) - 15/11/2018


Nanook (Mikhail Aprosimov) and Sedna (Feodosia Ivanova) are an Inuit couple living an isolated existence in the frozen north. Times are tough, as the early spring has made hunting and fishing more difficult and Sedna is becoming prone to forgetfulness. The devoted couple talk of their traditions and forbears, of ghosts and legends, though when Sedna broaches the subject of their daughter, Ága, Nanook shuts down the conversation. As Sedna’s health deteriorates, Nanook is forced to make difficult decisions. Evocatively shot in the Russian republic of Sakha, which has the northern hemisphere’s coldest climate, Ága is an emotional, sparing depiction of a passing culture.

Winner,   Best Film, Sarajevo Film Festival, 2018

Director: Milko Lazarov
Producer:  Veselka Kiryakova
Screenwriters:  Milko Lazarov, Simeon Ventsislavov
Main Cast: Mikhail Aprosimov, Galina Tikhonova, Feodosia Ivanova
Country:   Bulgaria, Germany, France
Languages: Yakut (Subtitled)
Colour:  Colour
Year: 2018

Duration:  96 minutes

Tickets: €7.50 / €6.50