Date(s) - 17/11/2018


As Donald Trump blustered his way to the nomination for the Republican presidential candidate in 2016, filmmaker and self confessed ‘political junkie’ James D Stern sensed that history had no precedent for what was happening. As a keen Chicago Democrat, Stern was both alarmed and intrigued by what he witnessed and set out to probe Trump’s cheerleaders and champions, discovering they weren’t all the ‘basket of deplorables’ Hilary Clinton tried to dismiss them as. Stern’s personal, impassioned and witty documentary revisits the remarkable 2016 election to provide a valuable, insightful document of the curious times we live in.


Accompanied by a screening of the short ‘After the American Election’


Director: James D Stern
Producer:  Karen Bove
Screenwriter:  James D Stern
Main Cast: John Ladd, Julio Martinez, James D. Stern
Country: USA
Languages: English
Colour: Colour

Duration: 90 minutes

Tickets: €10 / €8.50