Date(s) - 14/11/2018


Egor (Stepan Devonin) is a young veterinarian working at a woodland facility that breeds animals, including foxes that are used in the training of hunting dogs. He is devoted to the animals and far more comfortable with them than he is with people, though he is at hand for his cranky boss Nikolai (Dmitriy Podnozov) and Nikolai’s family. Following an exchange with a gang of animal rights activists, Egor’s sense of disaffection intensifies. The co-writer of Arrhythmia (CFF 2017), Natalia Meshchaninova is proving herself a significant voice in Russian cinema. Core of the World is an impressive, emotive study of alienation.


Winner, Grand Prize of the Festival, Sochi Open Russian Film Festival, 2018


Director:  Natalia Meshchaninova
Producers:   Tatyana Bonakova, Natalya Drozd, Sergey Selyanov, Dagne Vildziunaite
Screenwriters:   Stepan Devonin, Boris Khlebnikov
Main Cast:  Stepan Devonin, Dmitriy Podnozov, Yana Sekste
Country:  Russia, Lithuania
Languages:  Russian (Subtitled)
Colour:  Colour
Year:  2018

Duration:  124 minutes

Tickets:    €7.50 / €6.50