Date(s) - 11/11/2018


1980s Los Angeles, in a bid to escape the zero-tolerance attitude of the LAPD towards alternative music events, Stuart Swezey decided to organise a secret show, off the police radar, out in the Mojave desert. This became Desolation Center, a series of desert events featuring groundbreaking (now legendary) bands such as Minutemen, Sonic Youth and Einstürzende Neubauten. Through all the dust, explosions and acid, these events went on to influence Lollapalooza, Coachella and Burning Man. However, Swezey’s film, featuring interviews with participants and attendees, plus outstanding archive footage, shows us the inspirational original with its spark still intact.


Director: Stuart Swezey
Producer:   Stuart Swezey
Main Cast:  Anthony Ausgang, Joe Baiza, Bob Bert
Country:  USA
Languages:  English
Colour:  Colour
Year:  2018

Duration:  93 minutes

Tickets:  €10 / €8.50