Date(s) - 13/11/2018


The footage here of Italian warships picking desperate people out of the Mediterranean Sea is horribly familiar given how the refugee crisis has developed. Swiss documentarian Markus Imhoof depicts the endurance of people who have been driven to search out a new life in Europe, while making a connection with his own experience and a poignant encounter he had with the Italian refugee child taken into his home during World War II. A quietly seething film, Eldorado also addresses a flawed support system that liberates refugees from camps, only to see them work illegally, for low wages.

Special Mention: Amnesty International Film Prize,  Berlin International Film Festival,  2018


Director:  Markus Imhoof
Producer:   Markus Imhoof, Pierre-Alain Meier
Screenwriter:   Markus Imhoof
Country:  Switzerland, Germany
Languages:  German, French, Italian, Kurdish, Swiss German (Subtitled)
Colour:  Colour
Year:  2018

Duration:  92 minutes

Tickets:  €7.50 / €6.50