Date(s) - 17/11/2018


Lara is committed to becoming a professional ballerina. She attends one of Belgium’s most famous dance academies, a strict and demanding institution. Supported by her devoted father, she leads an adolescent life that is unexceptional; her desires, anxieties and problems feel universal. Yet Lara was born a boy and her body is not always up to the demands she makes of it. A sensitive and important depiction of a teenager transitioning to female, there’s a delicate, touching performance from Victor Polster at the heart of the film which is simply stunning. Lukas Dhont’s masterly debut feature is fearless in its exploration of gender issues and looks beautiful.

Winner, Camera D’Or, Cannes Film Festival, 2018
Shortlisted for the LUX European Parliament Film Prize


Director:  Lukas Dhont
Producer:   Dirk Impens
Screenwriter:   Lukas Dhont, Angelo Tijssens
Main Cast:  Victor Polster, Arieh Worthalter, Oliver Bodart
Country:  Belgium, Netherlands
Languages:  French, Flemish, English (Subtitled)
Colour:  Colour
Year:  2018

Duration:  105 minutes

Tickets:  €10 / €8.50