Date(s) - 10/11/2018


People looking for assistance, for information, a way forward, a way out… or just the shift!

Shock [C] 
Patrick Ketch / Ireland / 2018 / 5 mins
A jogger and a young man try to save a car crash victim’s life.
Producer: Chris Cullen

That Old Feeling [C]
Sean Maher / Ireland / 2018 / 15 mins
Daniel, a trumpet player whose best audience is his cows, must leave his rural surroundings to search for the uncle who inspired him, and the dream which eludes him.
Producer: Cian Desmond

Naomi Sheridan / Ireland / 2017 / 25 mins
A young boy begins to suspect his new neighbour is a world famous pianist who has been missing for over twenty years.
Producers: Roisin Kearney, Fran Sheridan

Grá & Eagla (Love & Fear)
Catriona Ní Chadhain / Ireland, Scotland / 2018 / 15 mins / Subtitled
Despite a grá for our native language, many Irish people fear speaking it. Comedian Áine Gallagher explores why.
Producer: Slip Jig Media

Mary [C]
Shaun O’Connor / Ireland / 2018 / 7 mins
When he manages to destroy the town’s beloved Virgin Mary statue, Charlie O’Connor does the only thing he can do: he frames his older brother.
Producer: Sharon Cronin

The Shift [C]
Megan K Fox / Ireland / 2018 / 13 mins / Subtitled
It’s the final disco of the Gaeltacht, and one thirsty 15-year-old is determined to get the shift against all odds.
Producer: Karen Twomey

The Cocaine Famine
Sam McMullen / Ireland, UK / 2018 / 13 mins
The Cocaine Famine is an Irish black comedy about cocaine and the futility of nationalism.
Producers: Sam McMullen, Brian Martin

‘C’ denotes made or filmed in Cork

Duration:  93 mins

Tickets:  €10 / €8.50