Date(s) - 14/11/2018


I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
People looking for something, finding something else and wondering: will it do?

Adam O’Keefe / Ireland / 2018 / 10 mins
Two strangers meet on a park bench. But is one of them harbouring a dark secret?
Producers: Adam O’Keefe, Edwin Mullane

Northern Star [C]
Norah Dineen / Ireland, Germany / 2018 / 26 mins
Sarah, a young writer, returns home to Ireland to face the challenges of what she ran away from.
Producer: Norah Dineen

I Didn’t … I Wasn’t … I Amn’t… (An Un-Romantic Comedy)
Laoisa Sexton / Ireland / 2018 / 26 mins
A pitch-black comedy on the social contract of human endeavour between men and women in the paradox of modern life.
Producer: Ten Thousand Hours Films

Dave Fox / Ireland / 2018 / 18 mins
In this dark comedy, a young man explores his attitude towards life and death when his suicide plans are interrupted.
Producer: Laura Gaynor

Helen Warner / Northern Ireland / 2018 / 10 mins
A string of confessions unveil a tale of religious guilt, sin and redemption in this short experimental drama set against the dramatic and rugged Northern Irish coastline.
Producer: Marie McDonald

A Film About Sandhoppers
Nicholas Keogh / Ireland / 2017 / 2 mins
Two crustaceans find love on a Belfast beach.
Producer: Nicholas Keogh

‘C’ denotes made or filmed in Cork

Duration: 93 mins

Tickets: €7.50 / €6.50