Date(s) - 15/11/2018


Sarah Taylor (Liv Hill) lives an existence dictated by her precocious twin siblings and troubled single mother, whose manic depressive tendencies mandate every aspect of family life. Relying on her survivalist instincts, and a necessary maturity beyond her 15 years, she navigates frequent brutality and malevolence in her struggles as sole caretaker to them. Channelling her frustrations, fierce wit and fiery tongue into the unexpected talent of stand-up comedy, she finds rare moments of solace from the trials and traumas of her life. An enduring and exquisite drama,   Jellyfish   is eloquent and unexpectedly uplifting, and perfectly captures the healing power of finding your voice.


Winner, The Golden Hitchcock: Jury Grand Prize, Dinard Film Festival, 2018


Director:  James Gardner
Producers:   Nikolas Holttum, James Gardner
Screenwriters:   James Gardner, Simon Lord
Main Cast:  Liv Hill, Sinead Matthews, Cyril Nri
Country:  UK
Languages:  English
Colour:  Colour
Year:  2018

Duration:  101 minutes

Tickets:  €10 / €8.50