Date(s) - 16/11/2018


Worshippers at The Idaho Followers of Christ church interpret God’s word to mean seeking medical intervention is a sin and their entrenched position is protected by law. The consequence is a community with a child mortality rate ten times the national average and compelling evidence suggesting that many have died from easily treatable ailments. Motivated by testimony from some who have left the church, local police investigate and some try to get the law changed. Tom Dumican’s film adopts a disarming, neutral stance, yet the result is an alarming, deftly constructed documentary that highlights clashes between religion and American law. 

Official Selection, Tribeca Film Festival, 2018


There will be a post-screening Q&A with the director.


Director:  Tom Dumican
Producers:   Tom Dumican, Jesse Lichtenstein
Screenwriters:   Tom Dumican, Jesse Lichtenstein
Main Cast:  Dan Sevy, Nathan Kangas, Linda Martin
Country:  UK, USA
Languages:  English
Colour:  Colour
Year:  2018

Duration:  89 minutes

Tickets:  €10 / €8.50