Date(s) - 13/11/2018


Erhao (Tian Tian), widowed for the third time due to an explosion in the fireworks factory she ran with her husband, is branded as cursed by the villagers. Abused and cast out by her relatives, Erhao survives the bitter, wintry conditions living in a van with her late husband’s deaf younger brother. However, a series of seemingly miraculous coincidences cause Erhao’s fortunes to take a turn when the villagers decide that she is, in fact, a shamen. Brimming with dark humour despite its bleak, impoverished setting, director Cai Chengjie’s film was a deserving winner at this year’s International Film Festival Rotterdam.


Winner, Tiger Competition, International Film Festival Rotterdam


Director: Cai Chengjie
Producers:   Hu Xiaotao,   Jiao Feng
Screenwriter:    Cai Chengjie
Main Cast:   Gao Pengcheng,   Wang Qilin,   Tian Tian,   Zhao Shulin
Country: China
Languages:   Mandarin (Subtitled)
Colour:   Colour / B&W
Year:   2018

Duration: 118 mins

Tickets:   €10 / €8.50