Date(s) - 11/11/2018


This Teacher   is   a   rich and provocative feature debut which provides an introspective portrayal of a lost young woman trying to find her place in the world, while simultaneously offering a scathing commentary of islamophobia and the narcissism of US culture. After a long absence, a young Arab-French woman (Hafsia Herzi) visits a childhood friend in New York City, but quickly feels alienated in the vapid world she finds herself in. She flees the city to a remote cabin, where she meets a cast of characters who trigger her underlying insecurities in this subversive depiction of religious tensions, prejudices and stereotypes.

Winner, US Fiction Award, LA Film Festival, 2018


Director: Mark Jackson
Producers:    Mark Jackson, Dana Thompson, Gigi Graff, Josh Mandel, Javier Gonzalez
Screenwriters:   Mark Jackson,  Dana Thompson
Main Cast:   Hafsia Herzi,  Sarah Kazemy,  Lucy Walters
Country: USA
Languages:   English
Colour:   Colour
Year:   2018

Duration:   95 mins

Tickets: €10 / €8.50