Date(s) - 17/11/2018


Bobby Shafran, Eddy Galland and David Kellman were born identical triplets, yet they knew nothing of each other until they were bought together by coincidence in New York in 1980, all aged 19. They became fast friends, their story a fascination for tabloids and chat shows, and were celebrated on the Manhattan party scene. Yet there was a sinister secret behind their miraculous reunion. Tim Wardle’s gripping documentary emerges as one of the year’s best thrillers, an exceptional work of investigative non-fiction that will leave audiences rubbing their eyes in disbelief. 

Winner, Special Jury Prize   Documentary,   Sundance Film Festival,   2018


Director: Tim Wardle
Producers:   Grace Hughes-Hallett,   Becky Read
Country: UK
Languages:   English
Colour:   Colour
Year:   2018

Duration: 96 mins

Tickets:   €10 / €8.50