Date(s) - 10/11/2018


Helen (Augie Duke) rattles around her cramped apartment struggling to come to terms with being raped by her boyfriend. The incident has thrown up painful memories from her past, and Helen has to confront her denial, anger and self-destructive instincts in order to get through her trauma and liberate herself. Shot in stark black and white and featuring a striking, courageous performance from Duke in the lead role, the debut feature from Angelica Zollo is a frank, fearless exploration of the emotional consequences of sexual abuse, a timely and impactful statement from an auspicious filmmaker on the rise.

Mary Crilly, director of Sexual Violence Centre Cork will introduce the screening along with the film’s director Angelica Zollo. Angelica will also take part in a post-screening conversation with Michael Hayden, Programme Director of Cork Film Festival.

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Winner, Best Independent Film, Taormina International Film Festival 2018; Winner, Best Director, The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival 2018


Director: Angelica Zollo
Producers: Angelica ZolloBarrett Rouen, Derek Shane Garcia, Michael Reilly
Screenwriters: Angelica Zollo
Main Cast: Augie Duke, Gabe Fazio, Elizabeth A. Davis
Country: USA
Languages: English
Colour: B&W
Year: 2018

Duration: 80 mins

Tickets: €10 / €8.50