Date(s) - 17/11/2018


The 60th anniversary of its creation and the wickedly playful homage The Green Fog   provide some context for this presentation of Vertigo, though, frankly, why would anyone need an excuse to get one of Hollywood’s towering masterpieces back on a cinema screen, which its dizzying delights were designed for? Hitchcock’s genius is evident in every frame of a much-analysed tale of obsession and voyeurism: James Stewart and Kim Novak hit career highs with mesmerising performances; it’s impeccably stylised, with alluring costumes and colours, and the jolts of its dark psychological shocks continue to resonate.

‘The Green Fog’, an astonishing remake of Vertigo, will be screening on 17/11/18 at 18:30


Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Producers: Herbert Coleman and Alfred Hitchcock
Screenwriters:   Alec Coppel,   Maxwell Anderson,   Samuel A. Taylor
Main Cast:  James Stewart,   Kim Novak,   Barbara Bel Geddes
Country:  USA
Languages:  English
Colour:  Colour
Year:  1958

Duration: 128 mins

Tickets:  €10 / €8.50

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