Date(s) - 11/11/2018


We first meet Waala when she is 15 years old, living in a Palestinian refugee camp and excited that her mother is being released after spending eight years in an Israeli jail. She is headstrong and feisty, though her love for the TV show Arab Idol and her general vulnerability suggest her as a typical teenager in extraordinary circumstances. The film follows Waala over the next five years as she pursues an ambition to join the Palestinian security forces. With remarkable access and insight, Christy Garland’s fearless, committed character study is worthy of its fearless, committed subject, as Walaa emerges as the most notable screen heroine of recent times.

Winner,   Special Jury Prize,   Hot Docs ,   2018


Director:   Christy Garland
Producers:   Christy GarlandMatt CodeAnne Köhncke
Screenwriter:   Christy Garland
Country:   Canada, Denmark
Languages:   Arabic (Subtitled)
Colour:   Colour
Year:   2018

Duration:  89 mins

Tickets:   €10 / €8.50