Date(s) - 16/11/2018


Described as an anarchic satire of millennial romance, Wobble Palace hits that particular furrow running with a brilliantly executed history of a romantic relationship conducted via text message from its flirty beginnings to testy conclusion. The couple in question are Jane and Eugene and we find them splitting their colourfully decorated apartment over the weekend so both can pursue other options. Director Kotlyarenko and writer Dasha Nekrasova play our needy leads and manage to invest the shallow pair with the right amount of likeability, a task made more difficult by Eugene’s defiantly hideous man bob.


Director: Eugene Kotlyarenko
Producers:    Claire Bargout, A.J. Del Cueto, Drew Foster, Andrew Faulkner
Screenwriters:    Eugene Kotlyarenko, Dasha Nekrasova
Main Cast:   Dasha Nekrasova, Eugene Kotlyarenko, Nick Corirossi, Elisha Drons
Country:   USA
Languages:   English
Colour:   Colour
Year:   2018

Duration:   88 minutes

Tickets:   €10 / €8.50