Date(s) - 14/11/2018


Using unpublished letters from US feminist publication Ms. Magazine (the first mainstream feminist magazine in the US) as a framing device to analyse the complex dynamics of gender, race and sexuality, Yours in Sisterhood   is an inclusive and intersectional expedition through the lost art of letter writing. Traversing the vast and varied landscapes of North America, women from diverse backgrounds and contrasting experience read and respond to the letters, discussing their thoughts, feelings and articulations on the female compatriots who originally wrote them, creating a sense of urgency and provocation which feels particularly pertinent in the Trump era.

Official Selection, Berlin International Film Festival, 2018


Director: Irene Lusztig
Producer:  Irene Lusztig
Screenwriter: Irene Lusztig
Country: USA
Languages: English
Colour: Colour
Year: 2018

Duration: 101 mins

Tickets: €7.50 / €6.50