Final Cut: Last Chance To See At CIFF2020

Final Cut

Last Chance To See At CIFF2020

Watch great movies at the 65th Cork International Film Festival, with over 70 titles to choose from today!
Tickets for all films are available to purchase until midnight tonight. Press play before midnight, and you will have 30 hours to finish watching – you could even line up a film for Monday night!

The CIFF2020 feature film award winners have been announced: ‘Rascal‘ a “thought provoking tale of a master manipulator” from French director Peter Dourountzis has been selected for the Youth Jury Award; ‘Songs of Repression‘ “a powerful film that strikes a balance between nuanced politics and humanity” received the Award for Cinematic Documentary; and the Spirit of the Festival Award was presented to ‘Bad Tales‘ “a highly original and rich work” from the D’innocenzo Brothers.

Our Family Gala ‘Wolfwalkers‘ is SOLD OUT – but – young film fans can choose from the full Family Programme including ‘H is for Happiness‘ the story of quirky twelve-year-old Candice McPhee; light-hearted coming-of-age tale ‘My Brother Chases Dinosaurs‘; the bite-sized movie magic of ‘Family Friendly Shorts‘; and ‘Fest Anca: The Best Animated Films for Children 2020‘ a programme of animated shorts with no words or subtitles for ages 5+.

Ticket capacities are strictly limited for all films and selling fast!
Visit or download the CIFF2020 App to pick your films and book your tickets this Sunday. Read on for the full list of CIFF2020 Award Winners and our closing weekend final highlights.

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CIFF2020 Award Winning Feature Film

Cork International Film Festival Youth Jury Award

Winner: Rascal (Vaurien)

Directed by Peter DourountzisJury Comments:
“This well written, thought provoking tale of a master manipulator provides a unique take on a deeply troubling subject matter. Well acted by both leads in Dje (Pierre Deladonchamps) and Maya (Ophelie Bau), it’s hard to look away. We found ‘Rascal‘ to be a fitting winner of the Youth Jury Award as it balances heavy themes with an engaging story.”
Special Mention: Vivos 
Directed by Ai Weiwei
“An emotional look into the lives of families whose children were tragically taken. We found ‘Vivos‘ to be an eye opening and engaging documentary, leaving us eager to learn more. Unforgettable.”
Gradam Na Féile Do Scannáin Faisnéise (Award For Cinematic Documentary)

Winner: Songs of Repression (Undertrykkelsen Sang)

Directed by Estephan Wagner and Marianne Hougen-MoragaJury Comments:
“’Songs of Repression‘ is a powerful film that strikes a balance between nuanced politics and humanity at the heart of their story. The filmmakers approach their subjects with empathy and demonstrate masterful storytelling in the unfolding of their narrative.”
Special Mention: Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets
Directed by Turner Ross and Bill Ross IV
“From filmmakers in control of their craft, ‘Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets‘ is an immersive cinematic experience. The film invites us into the intimate world of the final day of a dive bar with an ensemble cast of lonely characters portrayed with warmth and tenderness.”
Gradam Spiorad Na Féile (Spirit of the Festival Award)

Presented by the Gate Cinema
Winner: Bad Tales (Favolacce)

Directed by the D’Innocenzo BrothersJury Comments:
“The winners of the Spirit of the Festival Award effectively combined grim reality and horrifying tale to bring us on a journey to the end of the world. The slow-burning pace and dreamy-scape is compelling. The impressive cinematography and a constantly surprising narrative keeps us alert and attentive. This is a world overwhelmed by toxic masculinity, the conspicuous lack of older generations bringing sharp focus to the nihilism of the present inhabitants of an unnamed community. While the jury might not agree with the film’s world view, all agreed that this is a highly original and rich work and a very deserving winner of this year’s award.”

Special Mention: ‘Wildfire
Directed by Cathy Brady
“This film offered a fresh approach to the impacts of historical violence, social and political unrest, and borders, both geographical and emotional. The heavy weight of this context is present throughout, introduced at the outset through deft use of archival footage and dense factory scenes. However, at the heart of this film is the female perspective, two characters grappling with the complexities of familial relationships and heritage, featuring excellent performances of intense strength and vulnerability. We hope that many people will have the opportunity to discover this film and we look forward to viewing the future work of its writer/director, Cathy Brady.”

CIFF2020 Award Winning Shorts

CIFF has created a special package featuring all of the 65th Cork International Film Festival Award-Winning Shorts in one programme.
Available Until Midnight

Four CIFF2020 World Premieres Not To Miss

The CIFF2020 programme features four World Premieres of Irish films – don’t miss these brilliant new discoveries. Ruth Meehan’s poignant, dark comedy ‘The Bright Side‘; Sam Uhlemann’s compelling debut feature  ‘The Edge of Chaos‘; Documentary Gala ‘Castro’s Spies‘ recounting the experiences of the ‘Cuban 5’; and ‘Home is a Sacrifice Zone‘ an emotive and highly personal account of the controversial issue of hydraulic fracturing in Ireland. Don’t miss your chance to see the latest and best home-grown cinema – see them first in Cork! Book your tickets today.

All Titles Available Until Midnight

CIFF Recommends

Renowned Irish artist Gerard Byrne in-conversation with L.A based Scottish cinematographer Michael McDonough. Gerard Byrne is one of Ireland’s leading visual artists working with film, video, photography and live art and here, he will host an interview with Michael McDonough, a Scottish cinematographer with an international reputation working across cinema and television.
Available Until Midnight
An intimate and caring portrait of Madeline Stuart, the world’s first professional supermodel with Down’s syndrome. An endlessly cheerful protagonist, Maddy’s unbridled joy is matched only by her mother’s enthusiastic support in her battle for inclusion and a place in the fashion industry. Their experiences were documented by director Jane Magnusson for four years; this extraordinary film is a testament to the power and critical value of diverse storytelling on screen.
Available Until Midnight
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13-year-old Rodrigo allows only one person into his own little universe and that’s his mum Valeria. When Valeria brings home her new boyfriend Fernando, Rodrigo puts all his effort into getting rid of the intruder. This coming-of-age story by first-time writer and director Rodrigo Ruiz Patterson succeeds in avoiding all the clichés of the son/mother/stepfather relationship and offers a sensitive portrait of the struggles of single parenthood.

Available Until Midnight
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A bride and a groom arrive at their luxurious wedding suite after the ceremony. But instead of enjoying a romantic night together they venture back into the streets of Jerusalem on a quest to return an ex-lover’s ring that turns into a journey into their past lives, past relationships, hopes and expectations. Opening with the wedding, Talya Lavie’s light and smartly subversive romantic comedy offers a refreshing twist on the genre.
Available Until Midnight
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A portrait of Harlem NYC’s 80s drag-ball scene, where its young African American and Latinx participants would compete fiercely, parading the ballroom floors like catwalk models, ‘voguing’, and flamboyantly celebrating an LGBTQ culture that at the time was never visible in the media. Jennie Livingston’s documentary is just as important now as it was when it won at Sundance in 1991, and it is still a joy to behold.
Available Until Midnight
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Illuminate Film & Mental Health Strand: ‘Into Dad’s Woods
Gina is 15 and admires her father Jimmy: a funny, unpredictable, extravagant man (at least in her eyes), who takes his kids to the woods in the middle of the night, but sometimes leaves them there. One day Jimmy goes too far and the fragile harmony of his family is broken. Will Gina take this chance to escape her father’s influence? Vero Cratzborn’s first feature is a touching family drama that asks important questions about the impact of parents’ mental health issues on their children. Followed by a post-screening panel discussion about the effects of mental health challenges within families.
Available Until Midnight

Presented in association with the French Embassy in Ireland.

Cork International Film Festival’s Illuminate film and mental health programme is proudly supported by ESB Energy for Generations Fund and the HSE.

Industry Training Sessions

This year CIFF’s acclaimed film industry training days are available online for filmmakers worldwide to attend on our dedicated Industry Portal. Sessions are free but ticketed, participants must book each session separately.
Presented in partnership with Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland
Supported by Screen Skills Ireland
Available Until Midnight

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