Short Films from Greece Compose the Second Programme of CIFF Film Club: European Shorts Season, May 2022

Cork International Film Festival is delighted to welcome audiences in person for a diverse and exciting programme of film shorts from different European countries, with programmes curated by our partner festivals. CIFF’s European Shorts Season will take place on the last Tuesday of the month from April to September with our partner The Gate Cinema, Cork City. The second programme will be taking place on Tuesday, 31st May at 6pm and is composed of an assortment of Greek short films, curated by Drama International Short Film Festival, Greece.

Following the screenings, CIFF Film Club audiences are invited to the Franciscan Well Bar on the North Mall where you can meet members of the CIFF programming team and discuss each month’s shorts programme. A special 2-For-1 Cocktail deal is available on presentation of your Film Club e-ticket.

The Second Programme

Bella (Dir. Thelyia Petraki)

Greece 1986-1987, shortly before the fall of State Socialism and just at the end of the Cold War. Before Anthi’s eyes, the country is changing, the world is changing and with them, Christos seems to be changing too.

Escaping the Fragile Planet (Dir. Thanasis Tsimpinis)

A few hours before the world ends, two men have an unexpected encounter, while a strange pink fog is spreading throughout the city. There is neither past nor future for them, only the space in between, where they just decide to live, despite the violent touch of time.

From the Balcony (Dir. Aris Kaplanidis)

A middle-aged lady observes the world of an Athenian neighbourhood from her balcony with mixed reactions from those she constantly watches. Until she is no longer there and that world changes forever.

Souls All Unaccompanied (Dir. Yorgos Teltzidis)

Bahar is a 12-year-old unaccompanied refugee who lives in a guest house for underage refugees. Katia is a young woman who works there as a caretaker, an ex-con who just wants to get her life straight. When Bahar’s reality takes an ugly turn, Katia will be there for him.

The Student (Dir. Vasilios Kalamakis)

In November 1973, there was a 3 days demonstration against the Greek Dictatorship at the Polytechnic University of Athens. It all ended with the military being involved by breaking down the gate of the University. We follow the final minutes of the crew in the armoured tank that broke into the University, ending the uprising against the regime.

Vouta (Dir. Dimitris Zahos)

Vouta is a pigeon breed that flies all the way up to the clouds, then dives at 230 km/h and slows down just before reaching the ground. Christos is a teenager who lives in a disadvantaged neighbourhood of Athens. He has to find a way to avoid conflict with his father who just got home from prison, just like the pigeons he loves avoid collision.