Support the National Campaign for the Arts

Over 380 members of the National Campaign for the Arts, including Cork International Film Festival, attended the biggest gathering of NCFA members to date on April 8th 2020 to discuss the Government’s response to the COVID 19 crisis for the arts sector, including supports for artists, arts workers and arts organisations.

Further to the meeting, the NCFA calls on Government to:

1) Establish a stabilisation fund for arts and cultural organisations so that the sector can survive this crisis and emerge ready to lead in rebuilding our national spirit.

2) Commit to immediately investing an additional €20 million in the Arts Council for 2020, to support artists, art workers and arts organisations to survive and recover from the COVID-19 crisis. This should include considerable increases to Project Awards and Bursaries that have significant impact for artists, arts workers and arts organisations, and ensure a range of other supports for artists and arts workers that respond directly to their needs.

3) Ensure clarity and openness in engaging with the sector to define the criteria for any further funds or initiatives.

4) Ensure that artists, arts workers and organisations can plan for next year by immediately guaranteeing that at least the same level of increased investment in the Arts Council and Culture Ireland will be committed for 2021.

5) Support artists and arts workers affected by the COVID-19 crisis through the Pandemic Unemployment Payment by extending this until the end of the year, and follow other European countries in developing a model for Universal Basic Income for all citizens over the lifetime of the next government to safeguard all citizens from future crises.

6) Provide a clear roadmap to how arts investment will be doubled by 2025, including a commitment to double investment in the Arts Council and Culture Ireland over the same period, who are the agencies who directly support artists and their work.

7) Ensure that there is a full Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht in the next Cabinet and that the Minister hires an advisor or advisors from the arts and culture sector.

The process of government formation is underway and you can support this campaign by writing to your TD and Senators. The NCFA have drafted a letter to send to all recently elected TDs and Senators which you can download here, add your name and send to the TDs in your constituency, as well as to Senators from your area or those who represent the Cultural and Educational Panel or your university. You can find a list of all TDs and Senators and their contact details here.