Schools Programme

Cork International Film Festival presented five excellent films in last year’s Schools Programme. These specially selected titles supported film in school curricula in Junior and Leaving Cert French, German and Leaving Cert Spanish. These films were screened at the Gate Cinemas in Cork, Midleton, and Mallow from the 8th – 11th November 2021. Tickets were €6 per student, accompanying teachers go free. Contact for further information. 

Presented in association with the Irish Film Institute Education Department 

Irish Film Institute


Junior Cert: French


Fanny Liatard, Jérémy Trouilh | France | 2020 | 98 mins

Subtitled | Drama | Age Recommendation: 12

A beautiful tale of community, friendship and dreaming big. Teenager Yuri lives at Gargarine, a housing project on the outskirts of Paris. He dreams of becoming an astronaut just like his and the building’s namesake, Yuri Gagarin. When the building is condemned for demolition, Yuri, along with his friends Houssam and Diana, embark on creating their own starship.  Reality and imagination merge in the Parisian suburbs, as our modern astronaut reminds us what it means to call somewhere home. 

Presented in association with the Embassy of France


Leaving Cert: French


Eric Barbier | France | 2020 | 111 mins
Subtitled | Drama | Age Recommendation: 15+ Contains scenes of a violent nature.

Brand new French language film set against the backdrop of the Rwandan conflict. Gabriel is a happy young boy living in Burundi during the 1990s with his French father, Rwandan mother, and his younger sister. They live a relatively sheltered and privileged life, until his world is turned upside down as violence and unrest spills over from neighbouring Rwanda. This powerful tale, based on a true story and adapted from the best-selling original novel , explores the  topics of ethnic tensions and identity through the eyes of young boy, of both French and Rwandan heritage, just struggling to make sense of it all. 

Presented in association with the Embassy of France


Leaving Cert: German


Andre Hörmann | Germany | 2021 | 92 mins
Subtitled | Adventure | Age Recommendation: 15+

New German language film, this engrossing and tense teen drama features great performances and beautiful natural landscapes. Driven by the belief that a legendary cave exists in the Usulenberg mountain, teenage Paul’s dad sets off on an expedition, only to never return. A year later, the boy is struggling to cope with his father’s disappearance. Convinced that the man was right, Paul sets off on a search with his best friend Max to try to uncover what actually happened to his father.  This big summer adventure is ultimately a tale of friendship, freedom and imagination. 

Presented in association with the Goethe-Institut Irland


Junior Cert: German


Erik Schmitt | Germany | 2019 | 99 mins
Subtitled | Drama | Age Recommendation: 13+
Contains brief scenes of nudity.

Berlin-set, fun and dazzling comedy that recalls French favourite, Amelie. Following a childhood tragedy, Cleo longs to be able to turn back time. With her new friend Paul and a mysterious map, Cleo sets off on a quest to find a magic clock that has been missing since the 1920s. Berlin is bursting with zany characters and urban legends, where Cleo seeks her heart’s desire.

Using stop-motion techniques and magic realism, Germany’s capital truly shines in this romantic adventure.

Presented in association with the Goethe-Institut Irland


Leaving Cert: Spanish


Samuel Kishi | Mexico | 2019 | 95 mins

Subtitled | Drama | Age Recommendation: 12+

Migrant family tale, imbued with a sense of magic, innocence, and poetry to yield a wonderful story of hope. In a rundown apartment in New Mexico, Lucia and her two sons attempt to make their new home. While she’s out working all day, the boys create fantastic worlds in the room, drawing on Mexican myths and recollections of their grandfather. Vivid animations and Halloween spirits break up the day-to-day drabness. The boys meet kindness in the Chinese neighbours and seek friendship with rough and tough neighbourhood boys. A small film with huge themes, reflected in the little family desperately seeking to be safe at home. 

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