Triskel Lates at Cork Film Festival

Weekends after dark at Cork Film Festival are home to the Triskel Lates programme. These deliciously dark and twisty late-night screenings represent the best of the contemporary thriller genre. A treat for night owls with a penchant for the unnerving…

Good Time

Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie | USA, Luxembourg/ 2017 | 100mins|FRI | 22:30 |TRISKEL

Following the harrowing addiction drama Heaven Knows What (screened at the 60th Cork Film Festival), Josh and Benny Safdie return with this riveting thriller. Robert Pattinson plays “Connie” Nikas, whose younger brother (director Benny Safdie) has landed in prison after a botched robbery. So begins one long, dark, adrenalin-drenched night in which Connie races against the clock in an attempt to get his sibling out of jail. Shot in an urgent style that is both immediate yet intimate, Good Time proves once again that the Safdie brothers are continuing to make flms which are both exceptional and exciting.

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Simon Rumley | USA | 2016 | 109mins | 2245 | TRISKEL

April and Eric own a vintage clothing store in Austin, Texas and are happily in love…or so it seems. By chance one night April meets a handsome stranger and fnds herself simultaneously appalled by and attracted to his unconventional desires. As her life spirals out of control, April develops a fetishistic obsession with clothes and begins to use this as an emotional crutch, with tragic consequences. Fashionista unfolds in a dazzlingly fragmented manner and builds to a fnale which is both intensely suspenseful and emotionally shattering. This psychological thriller is both vivaciously stylish and rich in substance.

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Most Beautiful Island

Ana Asensio | USA | 2017 | 80mins | Irish Premiere | 2230 | TRISKEL

Ana Asensio’s feature debut chronicles one bizarre an ultimately harrowing day in the life of Luciana, an undocumented Spanish immigrant struggling to make ends meet in New York City. When a friend ofers Luciana (director Asensio) an opportunity to make an easy $2,000, she readily accepts. But, of course, nothing is as simple as it seems and the young woman inadvertently becomes a participant in a cruel game where people are twisted and broken for perverse thrills. Shot on Super 16 flm stock for a gritty visual aesthetic, Most Beautiful Island is both a sobering drama and a psychological thriller.

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Satan Said Dance (Szatan kazał tańczyć)

Katarzyna Roslaniec | Poland, Netherlands | 2016 | 97mins | Subtitled  Irish Premiere |2230 | TRISKEL


Satan Said Dance follows Karolina, a 20-something writer whose scandalous debut novel has brought her fame and notoriety. Karolina has supportive parents, a younger sister who idealises her yet she mistreats, and a self-destructive attitude to parties, drugs and sexuality. This flm is a restless, cynical and relevant depiction of egotism and loneliness. Filmed in an aspect ratio reminiscent of an Instagram frame, the opening credits state: ‘Satan Said Dance is 54 2 minute scenes from Karolina’s life…They can be arranged in any order and they will always form the same flm, always tell the same story.


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