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Free Radicals

  • This event has passed.
  • Tickets: €10.50/€9
  • Date: Mon, 11th Nov 2019
  • Time: 20:45 - 22:25
  • Duration: 100 mins
  • Venue: The Gate Cinema Cork City
  • Director: Various
  • Producer(s): Various
  • Screenwriter(s): Various
  • Main Cast: Various
  • Country: International
  • Language(s): English, Subtitled
  • Year: 2019


John Woodman / UK / 2019 / 8 mins
Just as a tree grows from its roots in the earth towards the sky, an image seems to ‘grow’ very gradually from the bottom centre of the frame upwards, as the mist clears and the image reveals itself, presenting a reflexive and phenomenological encounter for the viewer.
Producer: John Woodman


Vasilios Papaioannu / USA / 2018 / 8 mins / Subtitled / Colour and Black & White
The conversation—between sound and image, seasons come and gone, natural and altered landscapes and an unseen man and woman—begins as a duet between a video diary and a field recording, and ends as an archive of the possibilities hibernating in each moment.
Producer: Vasilios Papaioannu

Dürrenwaid 8

Ines Christine Geißer, Kirsten Carina Geißer / Germany / 2018 / 7 mins
A house, a garden, a stream. The behive on the hillside, the shack, the wooden hut and the shed. In between, we find memories, stories and observations. The past, the present and the future.
Producer: Ines Christine Geißer

Patient’s Copy

Patrick Tarrant / UK / 2019 / 10 mins
A hand-made reflection on the underconscious and on the illustration of ideas on plastic. This collage film comes about after the filmmaker’s discovery of a thousand overhead transparencies used for teaching biology.
Producer: Patrick Tarrant

WWW {The Whale Who Wasn’t}

Alessia Cecchet / Italy, USA / 2018 / 10 mins / Subtitled / Colour and Black & White
A tale of conquest and destruction. Utilizing fragments of early educational films and animation, the piece develops a sci-fi counter-narrative of subjugation and annihilation told from a non-human perspective.
Producer: Alessia Cecchet

Something Must Happen

Lasse Marhaug / Norway / 2019 / 22 mins
A short film that uses images, sound and words to meditate on a Norwegian winter. The filmmaker uses the autobiographical aspect of his story as a filter to examine how, despite isolation, art and music is ultimately a communal experience. With text by Jenny Hval.
Producer: Lasse Marhaug

Selfie Test #3

Sybille Bauer / Austria / 2019 / 5 mins / Black & White
Demasking myself. A daily process in reverse.
Producer: Sybille Bauer


Silvio Severino / Ireland / 2018 / 1 min
A reflection about the meat industry and its consequence using found footage.
Producer: Silvio Severino

No Objects (Sans objets)

Moïa Jobin-Pare / Canada / 2019 / 7 mins
Textures, repetition, vibrations, oscillations and sounds: the image is heard. Scratched and scarred photos form a cascading avalanche of shapes, a choreography of people performing repetitive tasks, their silhouettes etched directly onto the surface.
Producer: Marc Bertrand


Kevin McGloughlin / Ireland / 2019 / 2 mins
A visual representation of our connection to earth and its vulnerable glory.
Producer: Kevin McGloughlin


Ao Chen / UK, China / 2019 / 3 mins / Colour and Black & White
This animated film uses traditional Chinese art forms including ink wash painting and ceramics to represent and rethink Red China.
Producer: Ao Chen

Spinning Across Space

Ian Helliwell / UK / 2019 / 4 mins
A journey into a vortex of abstract, swirling colour patterns, accompanied by electronic music created with various Hellitron tone generators.
Producer: Ian Helliwell

Pattern Cognition (Mustererkenntnis)

Thorsten Fleisch / Germany / 2019 / 7 mins
“When you stare at a screen for long, the screen stares back at you.”
Producer: Thorsten Fleisch

Light Matter

Virgil Widrich / Austria / 2018 / 5 mins / Black & White
A black-and-white film that lets you see colours.
Producer: Virgil Widrich

*These films contain flashing lights which may not be suitable for people with light-sensitive epilepsy.


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