Date(s) - 11/11/2018


Flesh and Blood
Mothers, children, family… things aren’t always rosy in the garden

Aislinn Clarke / Northern Ireland / 2016 / 19 mins
An introverted mother’s worst fears are amplified when she is stalked by the feral children living in the woods surrounding her home.
Producer: Margaret McGoldrick

Her Very Own
Dominic Curran / Northern Ireland / 2018 / 14 mins
On this day, Maeve has set a deadline.
Producer: Bethany Sloan

Tom Lynch / Ireland / 2016 / 9 mins
An actor is struggling badly with her latest role. Some things from the past are making it very hard to succeed…
Producer: Sam Uhlemann

Inner Child
Gary Duggan / Ireland / 2018 / 12 mins
A woman’s inner child knows why she hurts herself and others around her. Is she ready to listen?
Producer: Ailish Bracken

Aoife Duffin / Ireland, England / 2017 / 7 mins
When Caoimhe’s sister shows up in London to have an abortion, she is faced with a decision: whether or not to help her estranged sibling.
Producers: Kieron J Walsh, Aoife Duffin & Catherine O Flaherty

Early Days
Nessa Wrafter / UK, Ireland / 2017 / 12 mins
A new mother finds that having a baby causes her post-natal anxiety and intrusive thoughts.
Producer: Clancie Brennan

Luke Morgan / Ireland / 2018 / 10 mins
After discovering they were both married to the same man at the same time, two women try to cultivate a relationship between their children.
Producer: Kerry Quinlan

Natasha Waugh / Ireland / 2018 / 9 mins
There’s no replacement for a mother’s love.
Producer: Sharon Cronin

Duration:   94 mins

Tickets:   €10.00/€8.50